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Monday, December 5, 2011

Skin Graft

I just wanted to put out a quick update. Saturday a week ago, I had a complication. Ended up in the hospital in Houston. We got back home Wednesday. On Friday Dr. Bauman called and wanted to see my first thing today. He also thought more than likely I’d have to get a skin graft. So mom and I arrived in Houston last night.

We went into the clinic at 8 am and I was in surgery by 1:45. I ended up with a skin graft from my scalp. The reason my scalp was used as opposed to my groin or thigh is for a few reasons. The first being that skin from the donor site in the upper part of the body would match my skin better. Secondly, it heals faster; thirdly, I don’t have to wear clothes on my head which could rub against the wound (I can wear a scarf or wig still to cover it somewhat though) and finally, Delaney is less likely to bump it on my scalp as opposed to my leg. She likes to cuddle, and to be held, so this was a very important reason for the decision as well. We asked if my hair would grow back and he said yes. So I chose to have my scalp used as there were many pros and few cons except its exposed more. However this too proves to be a pro as they want the wound left uncovered after 72 hours. Although both my scalp and breast look pretty wicked right now, they will soon both be healed.

I didn’t see Dr. Bauman after the surgery, however he spoke with mom and said the wound was deeper then he thought and was starting to get into the fatty tissue. It also wasn’t healing on its own; therefore it was even more critical that he performed the procedure before it infected the expander. I am in the hotel now. I will have to come back here next week for the stitches to be removed.

I still can’t believe this odd occurrence is happening; but as I’ve said several times now “At least I’m cancer free, so this isn’t life threatening, so I can deal with it much easier” I know God helps us and I know he has a plan. I believe this complication occurred as I needed it in order to help someone else in some way. Either during this trip, or some other time in my life, this was a necessary step in accomplishing this goal from God. This entire journey he has been with me and my faith has deepened through knowing it’s his plan. I’ve been much better at ‘letting go” and letting him handle what I have no control upon. Thank you God for my healing.

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