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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Surgery Time

Our vacation was wonderful. Relaxing and cool. River rafting was a blast. I loved it and no one fell out of the boat. The sulpher springs were interesting. One of those things that was an experience but I wouldn't go out of my way to do it again. It was nice to be able to just be with nature and enjoy the scenery. It was very easy to see all of God's creations and the beauty they behold. It's the simple things I've learned to love and appreciate since this diagnosis and part of this is just being. Of course we missed the kids, but they had a great time with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Steve. They were happy to see us when we got home and I think we were all ready to be back in our own beds. Time seems to fly and the surgery date is almost here. I finished my last chemo treatment on September 1. I was supposed to have chemo on August 29th however my count was too low; therefore I had to take injections for three days, and get retested on Thursday. Luckily the medication did the trick and I was able to receive, what I hope to be my final chemo treatment in my life. (I’m planning for the best and thinking positive as I don’t want to do this again). We are scheduled to leave Tuesday September 27th. I have pre op visits on the 28 and 29 and mapping on Oct 3. Then the surgery will be Oct 4. I’m anxious to get this over with but I’m also very apprehensive to leave the children for three weeks. Dad plan to cares for Gavin and Arrington and Grandpa Bev and Grandpa Bert will take care of Delaney. I’m hoping they will be able to come to Houston for a few days around Saturday October 8th and then Delaney will stay with us and the older ones will go home on Monday as they have school. I’m concerned that they will have adjustment issues, as this is a large stressor on everyone. Please pray for them that God will provide them comfort while their Mom, Dad, and Grandma are away. I know this has to be done, as I want the best outcome possible, so I’m going to the best doctors in the country, however it hurts just thinking about leaving them for so long. We won’t know about radiation until 5-7 days after the surgery as apparently it can take that long for the finally pathology report to come back. I just take it one day at a time, as if I have to have radiation, then that is another 6 weeks in Houston. I can’t imagine it, but I will do what it necessary to be here for the long term. It’s my life we’re fighting for so I can’t sit by and not do my best to save it. I am lucky enough to have a cousin, Morgan, who lives in Houston and works at MD Anderson. She was gracious enough to look at some apartments for us and we were about to rent one however at the last minute things changed. We were so blessed to get a wonderful house in Houston to stay at. Stephen’s mom’s friend’s daughter lives overseas and they lease their home while they are away. However they have allowed us to stay there during this surgery for a very minimal charge within our budget. It’s a beautiful home with plenty of room for the kids to come visit. It looks very comfortable and clean. We are so pleased that we will be in a nice safe area and are able to enjoy a home that will be our second home for several weeks. I was stressed over finding a living arrangement that would work, so this is a huge relief and an answer to our prayers. It’s different then going to a place for a few days, we’ll be there at least three weeks so we needed kitchen facilities, space, and most importantly somewhere clean and comfortable for me to recover. This has all that and more. Many thanks go out to my mother in law for helping us get this home and to her friend Ann and her daughter Cara for allowing us to stay here. I have been working on getting precertification for my surgery for a week now. You’d think MD Anderson would have done this already, as the surgery has been scheduled since March, but for some reason they waited until the last minute. It was rather funny today when the representative called me as she said they didn’t have a produced from Dr. Baumann the plastic surgeon yet and did I know what it would be. I thought, seriously, you are calling the patient when you could have walked down the hall to the doctor’s staff? That was totally odd to me, so I politely, or maybe not so politely, told her to call the doctor as I had no idea exactly what it was called all I knew is what was being done. I can’t stand not being prepared and I’m very surprised MD Anderson waited so long to get this pre-certified by my insurance. Oh the fun of dealing with doctors, insurance, and Cancer. However I’m on the downhill slide and can’t wait for this chapter in my life to be complete. Things have been really busy, getting ready for the trip and finishing up last minute details; however the days keep ending before I can get it all done. Isn’t that the way life sometimes is? I’m just so grateful that we have so many family members and friends willing to help us. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this but support and prayer are critical to making through this journey positive and successful. My post my shot feeling the stress but then I take a breath and Thank God for my healing.