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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Went to Dr. Greene, my MD Anderson Oncologist today. Got a good report and I am officially in remission as of Oct 4. Praise God. One odd thing though, is that after the final pathology came back, 20% of my tumor showed hormone receptive cancer as opposed to triple negative. So I actually had two different types or forms of cancer. She said it happens but it seems odd to me? I guess when they do the biopsy it only takes a core of the tumor so the entire tumor isn’t analyzed until it’s removed. As a result of this pathology finding, the doctor wants to put me on Tamoxifen, as it reduces hormone receptive cancer reoccurrence so could help me by about 30%? Or at least my oncologist tells me this.

She said it is actually good news; not so sure having two types of cancer is good news, but I’ll go with her theory, as there is additional treatment, such as Tamoxifen, they can do with me so that I can reduce my rates of reoccurrence. I’m very happy that I have this option; just surprised to have both triple negative and hormone receptive cancers. I’m just unique I suppose. When I told one of my best friends Sue she said I always was an overachiever and that made me laugh. God made us all different, and it makes the world a more interesting place. So I just keep making is more interesting is suppose.

Also I’m told my chemo was extremely effective as I only have 5% residual cancer; she said that is microscopic in the cancer world so chemo did phenomenally well for me. Oh the world of cancer, I learn something every day about this disease. J I’m happy though to be officially CANCER FREE…… Yeah.

I’m doing pretty well overall; I still have stitches. I am also finding reconstruction is going to be a daunting process; however being cancer free is wonderful. I hope to get surgery dates when I see my reconstruction surgeon tomorrow and gynecological oncologist Thursday. I have mixed feelings about doing surgery before or after the New Year. If I do it in early to mid-December, I will be done with this all and 2012 will be start fresh. A new chapter so to say for 2012. I also won’t have to pay that darn deductible again. Stephen laughs at me for this reason; however my oncologist said it today and when I had my ultrasound today she mentioned the same reason and said she’s heard that a million times as Cancer is expensive. LOL

I also don’t want to be hurried and pushing the reconstruction process or for us to be overwhelmed during the Holiday season. So I’m really torn on what to do and when to try and get them scheduled. So I’ve been praying for my doctors to have the guidance to know when to schedule surgery that is best for me. God always knows the right answers and has answered prayers thus far, so I figure I’ll give this up to him as well. J it really takes the weight off of my shoulder when I do this and through this incredible experience I’m really learning to listen to him and fully trust in his will.

We come home Friday and are so ready!! It seems like we’ve been gone for so long. Although the outcome has been successful; being gone from the kids has been hard. I’m so glad that we have such a loving, supportive family and community so that we can leave when necessary but know our children are well taken care of. Dad has done a fantastic job with Gavin and Arrington and Grandma and Grandpa Gillig helped so much with Delaney. Also the cards of support and encouragement that have been sent to Houston have been so uplifting. It seems they always arrive at just the right time.

Both Gavin’s and Arrington’s class also sent me cards or drawings. They were so sweet and I know that years from now we will look back at these and smile. It is so wonderful to know that the kids are being supported so thoroughly during this time as well. We imagine this is hard on them. All the changes and our time away. We try to include them. To be open and honest with them, to the degree that will not scare them but they will understand and feel secure. It’s a fine line sometimes however so we pray for divine wisdom for these conversations as well. This is similar to our adoption talks, as we want to say the ‘right’ things but as parents we don’t always know what those are. It’s kind of funny as when you are a kid you think your parents know everything but as parents often times we think we really don’t know much. Thank you God for my healing.

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